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*     We manufacture high-quality, advanced performance paints and coatings. Our products are used for everything from building yachts to sealing signal wire used to control traffic in intersections.

*     Our product lines include DUR-A-PLEX® architectural, industrial and military coatings, DUR-O-BOND® fiberglass and marine composite compounds and STAT-A-FLEX® signal wire sealants.

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DUR-A-PLEX© Architectural, Industrial & Military Coatings

We manufacture a full line of acrylic latex, alkyd resin, and custom coating systems for residential, commercial, industrial and military applications under the product line name of DUR-A-PLEX®.

DUR-O-BOND© Fiberglass & Marine Composite Compounds

We manufacture a full line of structural putties, core bonding and bedding compounds, and fairing and filling compounds that are designed to meet the rigorous technical demands of today's fiberglass product and boat building industry.

STAT-A-FLEX© Signal Wire Sealants

We manufacture a two part polyester resin sealant especially formulated for encapsulating and sealing electric signal wire in any road surface; is easily applied, cures quickly and produces a tough weather and chemical resistant seal.