Fall 2014 Durant New Product Showcase!

We have some exciting news for the Fall of 2014.  We are currently working with our customers to re-invent our website and make it easoer for them to find the products they need.  If you would like to participate in the research.  Please e-mail us with you suggestions.

Choosing the Right Paint

When deciding to paint your house, inside or out, there are several questions that a do-it-yourself homeowner must first ask before purchasing paint. What type of paint should I use? What gloss or sheen do I want? What color should I choose? All seemingly basic questions, but without the right planning, it could make all the difference.

Types of Paint

After 50 Years Durant has Reinvented Itself!

Durant Paints, Inc., a fixture in the Revere and North Shore area of Boston for the past 50 years has reinvented itself. A corporate merger and restructuring to consolidate business divisions has resulted in the formation of a new company: Durant Performance Coatings, Inc. The new name of the company and corporate logo are designed to reflect the state of the art products and technology employed, but in no way are meant to distance themselves from the basic business philosophy that Durant was founded on: Give the customer what they want, at a reasonable price.

Durant Undergoes Remodeling

Durant has teamed up with PRDAC to remodel its website.

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