DUR-A-PLEX Products by MPI Number

All products manufactured at Durant Performance Coatings undergo extensive testing, research and development to ensure the highest possible performance. All of our DUR-A-PLEX paints and coatings are manufactured according to exacting government and military specifications and are tested using ASTM procedures and according to The Master Painters Institute (MPI) testing standards. These are the same standards required for paint and coatings products used by the United States Government and the United States Military. Because MPI has established itself as the premier independent testing facility for the paint and coating application industry in North America, we are confident that the products engineered by Durant Paints are among the finest on the market today.

Go to http://www.paintinfo.com for more information on MPI.

MPI Product Description Finish
11 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 1100

Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss

119 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 1190

Exterior Acrylic Latex Gloss

138 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 1380

High-Performance Architectural Latex - Eggshell

Low Sheen/Flat
27 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 2700

Exterior Alkyd Porch and Deck Gloss Enamel

48 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 4800

Interior Alkyd Gloss Enamel

49 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 4900

Interior Alkyd Low Sheen House Paint

Low Sheen/Flat
5 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 500

Exterior Alkyd Wood Primer

8 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 800

Exterior Alkyd Low-Sheen House Paint

Low Sheen
9 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 900

Exterior Alkyd Gloss Enamel

94 DUR-A-PLEX® Ultra 9400

Exterior Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel