STAT-A-FLEX® Signal Wire Sealants

STAT-A-FLEX® is a two part polyester resin sealant especially formulated for encapsulating and sealing electrical signal wire in any road surface. STAT-A-FLEX® is easily applied, cures quickly and produces a tough weather and chemical resistant seal. STAT-A-FLEX® provides maximum protection of all embedded signal wire such as, traffic loop detectors, electrical signal wire and data / communication cable. STAT-A-FLEX®:

  • is a self leveling liquid that requires no special equipment, just mix and pour.

  • cures tack free in less than 20 minutes under most weather conditions.

  • produces a total encapsulation of the signal wire in a saw cut.

  • has sufficient strength to withstand stresses due to normal traffic vibrations and differences in expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

  • is resistant to most chemicals and solvents including road salts, acids, hydrocarbons, brake fluids, oils, gasoline and jet fuel.

  • is approved for use across the country and in U.S. territories by the Federal DOT and most state DOT’s for public roadway applications.

  • is approved for use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to encapsulate and protect signal wire and electrical lighting devices on Portland Cement runway construction.

  • is available in 1GL, 3.5GL, 5GL and 55GL quantities.
1. Signal Wire Sealants
Product Code Description

Signal wire sealant for encapsulating electronic signal wire and devices.


Signal Wire Sealant (Drum Formula for Pump Application) for encapsulating electronic signal wire and devices

2. Tools and Accessories
Product Code Description
Power Mixing Blade

Fits all 3/8 inch drills - 3 inch Impeller

Slot Filling Squeegee

For properly filling and sealing traffic loops

Squeegee Replacement Blade

Replacement blade for slot filling squeegee

STAT-A-FLEX® Accelerator

Pre-mixed, pre-measured accelerator for STAT-A-FLEX Signal Wire Sealant

STAT-A-FLEX® Hardener (MEKP)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) Hardener

3. Apparel and Safety Equipment
Product Code Description
Cotton Heavyweight Gloves (XL)


Latex Gloves (XL)

Box of 100

Reflective Traffic Safety Vests

SV125 Level 2

Safety Glasses



100 % Heavyweight Cotton Safety Orange T-Shirts