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DUR-O-BOND® Fillet F9000

F9000 is a fiberglass reinforced polyester resin compound engineered for gel coat backup, radius forming, and fillet applications. This product remains flexible after its cure to prevent it from cracking with age. The putty cures strong with a low exotherm. F9000 is a versatile marine putty. Due to its reinforced strength as well as sag resistance, it can be used for multiple reasons. Like MB1000 it offers a smooth creamy product, and very easily spread. F9000 provides strong adhesion towards most surfaces.

This putty can have adjusted dry times with the use of MEKP-9. Click on the TDS pdf below for more information.

With every purchase of a quart or gallon, the hardener is included.

SKU: F9000
Application Method: Pumpable/Trowel

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