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Fiberglass Reinforced Putty

DUR-O-BOND Hull & Deck 3300 is a highly thixotropic, glass reinforced isopthalic blended polyester resin compound engineered for superior bonding and impact resistance in polyester and vinyl ester laminate applications requiring a rapid gel time. DUR-O-BOND Hull & Deck 3300 has outstanding sag resistance for use in vertical applications combined with superior adhesion. This fiberglass reinforced putty bonds to multiple substrates, including FRP composites, wood and core materials, and has excellent impact resistance. DUR-O-BOND Hull & Deck 3300 is engineered with structurally reinforced fibers to provide maximum strength and resistance to cracking.

This putty can have adjusted dry times with the use of MEKP-9. Click on the TDS pdf below for more information.

With every purchase of a quart or gallon, the hardener is included.

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