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DUR-O-BOND Repair Compound 6000 Vinyl Ester

DUR-O-BOND RC6000 is heavy in weight as well as having a high viscosity. This compound is made with an epoxy vinyl ester resin specifically engineered to resist water and corrosion. RC6000 cures hard, and has a low exotherm. This putty is superb for use below the water line.

This product has a smooth creamy consistency and is ideal for filling cracks and imperfections. This product is primarily used to fair hulls of boats. This product can be applied with a smooth finish. This product utilizes initiation from BPO cream hardeners. This product dries quickly allowing the user to work more efficiently.

RC6000 can be used to fill cracks, and as a strong glue. This putty can bond to most materials, and is highly water resistant making it a diversely useful product. Click on the TDS pdf below for more information.

BPO Cream hardener is NOT included.

SKU: RC6000
Application Method: Trowel

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