DUR-O-BOND® MB3000 & MB3000-F

DUR-O-BOND Multipurpose Bond 3000-F (winter) and 3000 (summer) are  highly thixotropic, isophthalic blended polyester resin compounds engineered for superior bonding and impact resistance for multiple applications. This product offers corrosion resistance in order to withstand the common automotive industry chemicals. 

MB3000 is can be made in a grey or dark grey color. These products are excellent body fillers, offering superior adhesion and resistance to cracking. Formulated to provide little to no air pockets present when applying the material. Sands easily as well.

Fast Set: MB3000-F
Longer Set: MB3000

Adjustable Dry Times - utilizes MEKP-9 hardener that can be adjusted for your desired dry time.