STAT-A-FLEX® Loop Sealants

STAT-A-FLEX® Loop Sealants

STAT-A-FLEX® is a two part polyester resin loop sealant. This product is formulated for encapsulating and sealing traffic signal wire in road surfaces. Our product can be made to resemble cement coloring as well as black for our desired circumstances. STAT-A-FLEX® is easily mixed and applied. It cures quickly and produces a tough weather and chemical resistant seal. STAT-A-FLEX® provides maximum protection of all embedded signal wire. STAT-A-FLEX is approved for use in most state DOT’s for public roadway applications.

STAT-A-FLEX® is manufactured and tested at Durant Performance Coatings to meet your goal of having the job done quickly and correctly. STAT-A-FLEX® is sold along with its catalyst MEKP-9. Durant makes it easy by providing the correct amount of catalyst per order. In order to get desirable cure times, please follow our guide, also we sell an accelerator that can be purchased if necessary for colder temperatures.

If you have any questions or wish to purchase STAT-A-FLEX® Loop Sealant, please contact Durant at 800-420-0021, or email us at


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STAT-A-FLEX® Products

Loop Sealants

Product Code TDS SDS Drying Guide

Tools and Accessories

Product Code Category Description
Power Mixing Blade Tool Fits all 3/8 inch drills - 3 inch Impeller
Slot Filling Squeegee Tool For properly filling and sealing traffic loops
Squeegee Replacement Blade Tool Replacement blade for slot filling squeegee
STAT-A-FLEX® Accelerator Accessory Pre-mixed, pre-measured accelerator for STAT-A-FLEX Loop Sealant
STAT-A-FLEX® Hardener (MEKP) Accessory Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) Hardener