Epoxy Vinyl Ester

DUR-O-BOND® Epoxy Vinyl Ester compounds are engineered from premium high strength vinyl ester and modified epoxy resins. These compounds have various uses and the ability to bond to a multitude of surfaces. Some of the products utilize the catalyzation of MEKP-9 while others use BPO, we also have compounds that cure with either catalyst. Durant’s epoxy vinyl ester putties have great sag resistance for vertical applications as well.

DUR-O-BOND® Epoxy Vinyl Ester Compound advantages:

  • Exceptional bonding and strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Highly hydrophobic for outstanding water resistance

Modified Vinyl Ester Epoxy Repair Compound

A low VOC modified vinyl ester epoxy compound for repairing fiberglass surfaces where exceptional hydrophobic performance is required. Cures with minimal shrinkage and provides outstanding strength, impact and blister resistance.

DUR-O-BOND Fairing Compound 4400 Vinyl Ester

DUR-O-BOND FC4400VE is engineered for fairing and smoothing applications in fiberglass construction and repair, and can be used below the water line. This compound is made with a fire-retardant epoxy vinyl ester resin. This product endures through harsh environments, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

This product has a smooth creamy consistency and is ideal for filling cracks and imperfections. It is also easily sanded after it has cured. This product utilizes initiation from MEKP-9. This product can be adjusted dry times to fit your needs. FC4400VE cures hard therefore can be sanded after cured. FC4400VE cures quickly under normal circumstances, therefore it can be sanded in little time.

The FC4400VE although best used for filling cracks, it also exhibits excellent adhesion, bonding to multiple substrates in polyester and vinyl ester laminate applications. This includes FRP composites, wood and core materials.

F6016VE is a fiberglass reinforced epoxy vinyl ester resin based compound designed for superior bonding, bedding, and fillet applications. Since this compound has been specifically engineered to resist water and corrosion it is superb for use below the water line.

This putty can also be used for multiple other reasons. F6016VE provides strong adhesion towards most surfaces. This putty can have adjusted dry times with the use of MEKP-9. 

DUR-O-BOND Fillet F9012VE
F9012VE is a fiberglass reinforced fire retardant vinyl ester resin compound engineered for gel coat backup, radius forming, and fillet applications. This putty is specifically formulated as a fire retardant and corrosion resistant compound. The putty cures strong with a low exotherm.

This putty can have adjusted dry times with the use of MEKP-9.