Our Products

DUR-A-PLEX® Architectural, Industrial & Military Coatings Division

DUR-O-BOND® Fiberglass & Marine Composite Compound Division
Durant's Fiberglass & Marine Composite Compound Division produces a full line of DUR-O-BOND® structural putties, core bonding and bedding compounds, and fairing and filling compounds that are designed to meet the rigorous technical demands of today's fiberglass construction industry. Whether it's a stock compound for a common boat building application or standard repair problem to a specifically designed composite for a unique construction issue, Durant Fiberglass & Marine Composite Compound Division can engineer a solution using state of the art materials and production techniques.

STAT-A-FLEX® Signal Wire Sealant Division
Durant's Signal Wire Sealant Division produces advanced STAT-A-FLEX® Signal Wire Sealants. STAT-A-FLEX® is a two part polyester resin sealant especially formulated for encapsulating and sealing detector loop wire in any road surface. STAT-A-FLEX® is easily applied, cures quickly and produces a tough weather and chemical resistant seal. STAT-A-FLEX® provides maximum protection for all embedded signal wire such as, traffic loop detectors, electrical wire and data / communication cable. All Durant products are produced to meet exacting customer specifications in our Massachusetts production facility and are shipped throughout the United States and abroad, the same day as ordered in most cases. With over half a century of experience, innovative research and production techniques and prompt personalized service, call, fax or visit us online to experience the Durant Difference.