Signal wire sealant for encapsulating electronic signal wire and devices.

STAT-A-FLEX® Loop Sealants are designed for maximum protection of signal systems in both asphalt and concrete aggregate roadways. It has outstanding adhesion, flexural and tensile strength to ensure the longest possible life of the signal system.

  • Complies with many state Department of Transportation requirements
  • Can be purchased with the container range of 1 gal (can), 3.5 gal (pail), 4.5 gal (pail), 5 gal (pail), and 55 gal (drum)
  • Available in black or grey, (55 gallon drum must be grey)
  • Easy to use just mix the hardener provided in and pour
  • Fast drying and curing times in most weather conditions, 5 to 10 minutes and 20 to 25 minutes respectively
  • Resistant to most chemicals and solvents including road salts, acids, hydrocarbons, brake fluids, oils, gasoline and jet fuel.
  • Low Viscosity, self leveling
  • Strength to withstand stress from traffic and weather conditions